Romantika Crazy Golf Karolos.

You will find a modern Crazy Golf by the sea. The 18 different levels of increasing difficulty is a fun challenge for all ages! You can enjoy your coffee or drink at the Café / Bar, also on our site you will find a playground.

About the sport

Have fun with your friends or with your family. The course consists of 18 tracks with increasing difficulty to find the limits of your technique!

Game Rules

Crazy Golf have 18 tracks numbered label. Players must complete each track in a row without bypass . Using the golf stick, players tap the golf ball trying to put it in the hole of the track . The goal is to move the ball into the hole with as few hits as possible. Each hit will count as one point. If, after six hits, the ball is not in the hole, another point is added to the total. A player can not make more than seven points for each track. The player with the fewest points at the end of the round wins.

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